What is an Internship?

Internship is a period of time during which individuals work for a company in order to get required experience of a particular type of work, satisfy requirements for a qualification or make a career transition. By completing an internship, individuals develop the knowledge and skills employers seek in this competitive job market.
Amber Internship is available for students, graduates and career breakers.
Our internship placements aim to provide in-depth opportunities and experiences for participants looking to work within specific fields.

Internship is a great way to begin exploring career options and finding jobs in a field of your interest as well as can bring tangible values and benefits to your career. This experience provides opportunities to see what it is like actually working in the field and a chance to evaluate the types of jobs that match your interests and personality.
This experience can be invaluable opportunity to reach your goals, and make your CV unique to stand out from the crowd that is extremely important in today’s competitive economy.

There are many different types of internships available to choose from depending on your area of study or personal interests.


Benefits of internship

For students & trainees

Career Exploration

Skill Development

CV Enhancements

Discovering a new coutry & culture

For host organisations

New perspective on organisational issues

Ease of use with technology

Help with projects & tasks that you are struggling to complete